John Richardson
Skylark Guiding Services
 Professional Birding Guide

Birding Guide Rates

Guide rates

  • As a Minnesota Bird Guide I can offer you some of the best birding in Minnesota for those Northern Speciaties. I charge by the day (or half day if necessary) rather than by the hour. This is more cost effective to the customer than by the hour.

  • October-April my rate is $175 per day for the 1st person and $75 for each additional person. Normally a 10 -/+ hour day (gratuity not included).

  • May-September my rate is $200 for the 1st person and $75 for each addition person. Normally a 14-/+ hour day (gratuity not included).

  • A day rate is generally anytime during a 24hr period, but usually Dawn until Dusk.

  • I recommend taking your vehicle (most cost effective), which I am happy to drive if added as an additional driver. I can drive my vehicle if needed, charging standard mileage (50 cents per mile).

  • I have clean driver's license history and proficient at driving manual stick shift if required.